Saturday Road Test

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Saturday and Sunday Road Test Schedule for 2019

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May   4th & 5th 11th & 12th 18th & 19th 25th & 26th Sign Up here »
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Road Test every other Saturday in Hybrid

Thank you for choosing Hybrid Driving School as your sponsor for a test. Please read this info very carefully. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

With Hybrid Driving School you won’t have to wait weeks and months to book a road test. You won’t have to miss a school or work during the day of the week and to do a road test. We will take care of that on the Saturdays. Saturday Road Test needs to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Cancellation of a Road Test needs to be done no less than 1 week.

Location: RMV Watertown at Arsonal in Watertown
Sponsor: Hybrid Driving School instructors who have passed 90% of the student road test
Examiner: RMV examiners from RMV

Tips on what you need to know the road test:
1. Hand signals
2. Pararell parking
3. Backing up for about 50 feet no looking in the mirrors
4. How to park and secure the car downhill and uphill
5. 3 point turn

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